house of striders: karkat meets tattoos

Related to the one big house of Striders + Karkat (and sometimes other trolls) headcanon I mentioned a while ago…

So Dave and Dirk decide they are going to go get matching tattoos and they decide to bring their alien boyfriend Karkat along with them who comes along partly because he’s curious and partly because he needs to make sure they aren’t going to do something stupid. They get to the parlor and Dave goes up first and as soon as the artist starts doing work on Dave and blood starts to show up Karkat gets this look of absolute horror on his face and immediately passes out. Dirk has to catch him before he takes out the tattoo artist’s equipment with him and the Strider boys laugh their asses off about it before Dirk says he’ll come back after he gets Karkat’s fainting, delicate self back home.

As soon as Karkat gets home he calls Terezi and tells her all about the horrible process making it sound like some kind of strange human torture involving needles and ink and Terezi laughs at him and tells him to stop calling her when she’s in the middle of her hate dates with Vriska, she’s a very busy lady and she doesn’t have time for this shit.

He tells her it’s not really a hate date if all they do is cuddle and lick each other’s faces before hanging up on her and locking himself in his room in a pouty huff.

(He texts her later that he’s sorry and it totally is a hate date if she wants it to be and she calls him stupid and says that’s okay.)

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